My Reasons - Habit Builder App Reviews

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Has everything I want

Great app, with all the right features. It's a bit of extra work to customize with your own text and photos, but really with it. Sync is really a plus.

Simple, easy and effective

This is a tremendous app simply because it got me involved. It's not apparent from reading the instruction how easy it is, you have try it and you get hooked.

Not really helpful

This app is too simple. Doesn't have much purposes. Other free similar apps perform better. Don't get it

Essential app

Awesome concept!


I like the app but would like to suggest that we have the option of keeping our pictures in the order we upload them and that we could sync the words with certain pictures or at least control the order of those as well. Thanks.

Needs notifications

Notifications would help to remind me of my habits. Don't know why the app doesn't have this capability.

I dig it

Fits with what I need in life right now.

Seems okay but too expensive for too little

Can't edit habits ? Puleeze. I could do this with keynote and be able to edit. It's not worth 3 bucks...believe me.


Powerful app. Allows you to create motivational vision boards...the UI is simple and easy to use. The photos help reinforce your habits. Moved it to my Home screen for quick access.

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